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This option includes service right into your garage. We will place the pellets in your garage for you and then move them to the back or the side with a pallet jack.

 If you don’t have a place to store your pellets or need your pellets today, then our Pick Up option is best for you. Please contact us via our order form or call today to arrange for a pickup.

We deliver truckloads of pellet fuel in Connecticut and out of state. To find out more about the benefits of ordering by the truckload, fill out our order form or call today!


 Why Pellets?

 “After I sent in my order request, I received a call from John a few hours later. The next day I had a ton of Hamer’s Hot Ones sitting in my garage and I hadn’t lifted a finger. I highly recommend Primo Pellets for anyone ordering pellet fuel online! ”
Peter Ostroske“Primo Pellets is the best source for wood pellets. I’ve used them consistently for three years now. Everytime I call in, I immediately get a friendly person on the other line. Plus, Primo Pellets puts the pellets right into your garage for you.”
Christian Shaboo“I have purchased wood pellets from many different suppliers and Primo Pellets is the best!! I use to carry every bag from my truck to my shed. Primo does the heavy lifting for me so I don’t have to!!!”
Michele Dziedzic
Environmentally Friendly
If everyone used pellets, U.S. carbon emissions would drop 8%Sustainable
Pellets are made from left over saw dust and excess pallets.

Energy Efficient
Wood pellets have a higher BTU content than cordwood.